meet caren ware

Caren Ware has been in the timing business for over 20 years. She is a National Champion and world class athlete, a USA Track & Field Level II Coach, and one of the nation’s most experienced experts in race timing and events. She has timed thousands of events, staying current on technology and trends.

Caren runs for the USA Masters Track & Field team at National and World competitions, specializing in the Heptathlon (7 combined events: hurdles, 200m, 800m, long jump, high jump, shot put, and javelin.) Caren’s interest in running was sparked by running the most laps at an elementary school jog a thon. Caren has literally run all over the WORLD. She has a heart for cultures, has housed countless exchange students from all walks and continents, and has been instrumental in getting inner city kids through college on running scholarships. A divorce, the loss of her mom to cancer, and gnawing childhood voids sent her searching on a journey and a book she is writing called Finding Fit. The healing experience of meeting people and realizing that activity transcends cultures and continents, inspired her to create a real way to make lives better and more connected. She is creating Ware in the World Foundation to enhance lives through fitness, locally and internationally and started the something for Every Body and Everybody themed running events.

Thus, Caren Ware Events are our chance to do something active, outside, life changing, life inspiring, and life connecting. We are not lost, alone, broken, and unable to heal. We can unite, join in, be a part of, and do something that elevates endorphins and builds fun back into our lives. Do something healthy, open up the world of opportunities, and give back.



Caren Ware Events are helping form WARE IN THE WORLD Foundation: bridging cultures through sports, enhancing lives through fitness, igniting healing, happiness, and hope.  Giving us a chance to  ALL FIT TOGETHER!

  • Locally: Miss Pam’s Ranch, S.A.M.E, and Ethans Choc Book Drive,
  • Internationally: Porters/Guides and their families from Kilimanjaro
  • Russian Summer Camp Program in Kaliningrad Region   
  • Croatian Sports Experience exchange program